About Us

At Ultimahub-Online, we’re working toward an exciting mission, and we care a lot about how we achieve it.

Our values guide how we do business—how we interact with each other internally as well as with the millions of instructors, students, and partners that make up our global Ultimahub-Online community.

We’re mission-inspired, results-obsessed

We work at a purpose-driven company that places a high value on results, so we can continue to grow and give as many people as possible access to learning resources. We immerse ourselves in data and communicate directly with our instructors and students to ensure we’re making real progress toward our goals—and theirs.

  • Because we prioritize staying accountable to the people who use our platform, we regularly have students and instructors approaching us to build and promote their educational courses.
  • Our platform assists our instructors to promote their courses making data driven decisions based on research and analysis—not instinct or assumption—and we carefully measure their effects.

We’re always learning

With a mission to improve lives through learning, it’s no surprise that we place tremendous emphasis on the role of learning in our own lives and work. We understand that learning isn’t an interruption of our work or a sign of weakness—it’s foundational to our growth, both as individuals and as a business.

  • Our Learning and Development team runs a huge variety of beneficial workshops, programs, and web conferences year-round.
  • Each student gets unlimited access to their subscribed Ultimahub-Online courses, plus a generous array of best practices and tips courses for promoting your course content provided for no charge by our in-house training team.

We’re individually humble, collectively proud

Individuals make great contributions, but it takes collaboration, compromise, and kindness to build a great business. We succeed as a team, leave our egos at the door, and take pride in our shared efforts.

We’re earnestly authentic

We embrace our quirks and bring our whole selves to work. We recognize that it’s our differences that produce the best work, not conformity, so we are excited to welcome students and instructors with varied backgrounds, experiences, identities, and ideas. Our openness allows us to better serve the diverse people who use Ultimahub-Online across the globe.

  • Our employees facilitate a variety of groups and forums to build community—everything from board game nights to mentorship cohorts to LGBTQ+ book clubs.
  • Whatever you’re into, you’re sure to find an eclectic mix of kindred spirits who want to talk about their passion.

While every individual and team at Ultimahub-Online live out these values in a slightly different way, these are the foundation on which we build our business.