Business Storytelling for Sales & Advertising

Develop Powerful Skills in Storytelling to Enhance Your Company Brand and Improve Team Leadership

Develop Powerful Skills in Storytelling to Enhance Your Company Brand and Improve Team Leadership

Discover The Secrets To Inspire And Motivate People Through Storytelling!

Learn how to construct powerful stories to enhance all aspects of business communication including: advertising, branding, selling as well as delivering information dynamically in presentations and meetings.

Stories Motivate And Drive People To Take Action

This comprehensive storytelling skills course for business will give you the tools and know how to construct creative stories to build a strong customer base as well as develop your teams and brand message.

Key Outcomes

· Learn how stories drive our emotions and how to target audience emotions to engage better with them.

· Explore the 7 Key story structures and how to utilize them in business scenarios

· Learn how to integrate data into stories to enable better memory recall of essential elements

· Learn how to augment your story delivery using body language, tone and congruence

What You Will Learn

· The Effect of Stories on Hormones

· The Relationship between Storytelling & EQ

· The 7 Story Structures

· Storytelling with Data

· Story Delivery & Congruence


· Branding & Advertising Storytelling

· Recalling Data Through Stories

· Hollywood Story Systems

· The EQ Storytelling Effect

· The Hormonal Effect of Stories

· Story Empathy Awareness

· 7 Steps To Plot Your Story Content

· Body Language and Interaction

About Instructor

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Course Includes

  • 14 Lessons

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Posted 1 year ago
Fantastic training

Fantastic training - Storytelling is critical for success in business. This is the first time I'm seeing, in a relatively short time, a comprehensive and powerful tool to implement immediately. The presenter is excellent, with a lot of knowledge. The course is very clear, with concrete and direct to the point tips. I will recommend it to everyone!!!

Posted 1 year ago
Loved the course

One of the best courses I have attended so far. Worth every penny. Loved it!

Posted 1 year ago
changed perception

Prior to now, I see sales personnel as magicians when they report the high volumes and turnover numbers. This perception has however changed as this course has given me all the practical insights and skills required to perform excellence a sales or sales directorship role.

Posted 1 year ago
Fun, entertaining and easy to understand

Fun, entertaining and easy to understand, very congruent with current sales trends. I won't hesitate on recommending it!

Posted 1 year ago
Not only a good experience but also quite educational!

Yes it was not only a good experience but also quite educational! I really would look forward to more of such presentations!

Posted 1 year ago
Fun and makes things easy to understand

Instructor is fun and makes things easy to understand. I see where so many people go wrong during their presentations (even if they don't think they are going wrong) great communication tactics to close more sales!

Posted 1 year ago
Extremely well organized!

Extremely well organized! Tremendous course especially for beginners. Key takeaway -> "People don’t buy products; they buy better versions of themselves."

Posted 1 year ago
Fantastic course

The teacher was fantastic! Clear direct concise lecture. Not a time waster. I am a complete beginning. I learned basic and important tips on storytelling and how it impact audience behavior. I learned how to write my own storytelling right on the spot. I suggest students to take notes as you listen to the course. Pause to do the exercises right away.

Posted 1 year ago
Amazing insight into storytelling

I have a lot to practice. Thanks.

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