The Complete Public Speaking Guide for Adults

A No-Nonsense Guide to Nailing Public Speaking With Poise & Confidence. Learn public speaking to improve your confidence and drive success.

This is a No-Nonsense Guide to Nailing Public Speaking With Poise & Confidence. In this course, we will look at tips and techniques that you can use to become a better public speaker.

The Importance of Public Speaking for adults
If you ask most people, they’ll probably say they don’t like public speaking. They may even admit to being afraid of it since the fear of public speaking is a very common fear. Or they may just be shy or introverted. For those reasons, many people avoid public speaking if they can. If you’re one of those people who avoid public speaking, you’re missing out.

Over the years, public speaking has played a major role in education, government, and business. As an adult, having public speaking skills can make or break you whatever field of career you choose.

Some benefits to public speaking include:  

Leadership : Leaders especially need to hone their public speaking skills from time to time. They are the ones who set the direction for their team, build a vision for the future, and drive innovation. Therefore, it goes without saying that if you want to be a good leader, you must be an excellent communicator.

Influencing : Win people’s hearts When you’re presenting in front of a whole lot of people, all eyes are trained on you. As a leader, public speaking gives you the opportunity to win the hearts and minds of your people. Thus, a good public speech is a great way to break down the barriers of what was previously considered impossible.

Visibility : Make people follow you A leader without followers is similar to a guitar without its strings – useless. A leader needs to be confident that his people recognize him and his authority. As your team members become familiar with you standing in front of them and delivering a speech, your visibility and authority steadily increases.

Employability: Public speaking boosts your chances for employment and promotions. A clear and persuasive story through presentations is a fundamental job requirement and a necessary component of career success. In the information age, you are only as valuable as the ideas you have to share. Poor presentation skills mean that employee fails to inspire their teams, products fail to sell, and careers fail to soar. That seems like a big price to pay for neglecting such a basic skill that anyone can improve upon.

Here is what you’ll learn

  • Managing Stage Fright
  • Command With Your Eye
  • Convince With Your Voice
  • Convince With Your Body Language
  • Amplify With Hand Gestures
  • On-Stage Confidence & Movements
  • Managing Your Audience
  • Speech Practice

Gain this added advantage to advance your career and improve your interpersonal skills!

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Posted 6 months ago
Amazing Insights!

This course is an awesome one to offer to experience a real development in one's skill in public speaking. I am really learning a lot and changing my mindset about things I thought was good.

Posted 6 months ago
Comprehensive, informative, easy to understand.

This course covers so many bases in speaking that it is hard to think of anything that the instructor hasn't covered.

Posted 6 months ago
Amazing Course

I face so many people in my working area and sometimes I lead meetings. This course was a good match for me because I really wanted to know how to speak in front of people and make good presentations.

Posted 6 months ago
This is an amazing course!

eBright unpacks a wealth of knowledge with great passion and real-life illustrations.

Posted 6 months ago
Great course, very interesting and useful!

I now feel more confident speaking in front of a public audience. Thank you so much eBright!

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