Think Strategically and Make Your Ideas a Reality

Understand the essentials of decision making, strategic thinking and project implementation success.

Understand the essentials of decision making, strategic thinking and project implementation success.

What you’ll learn

  • Increase your strategic thinking ability – and make it a habit
  • Improve and increase the speed of your decision making
  • Discover how to be more agile and fit for today’s fast changing environment
  • Learn how to look at projects – personal, professional – through a simple framework
  • Increase the likelihood of success of your projects, both personal and professional
  • Learn about the massive disruption that is impacting organizations and individuals – the Project Revolution – and what you need to learn to be successful in your career


  • Absolutely no experience is required
  • Strong willingness to learn and experiment
  • A desire to maximize your potential in work and life
  • Eager to move from comfort zone to develop critical leadership skills



From our personal to our professional lives, corporations to governments, individuals to nations, projects are the new reality. Welcome to the Project Revolution!

The emergence of projects as the economic engine of our times is silent but incredibly disruptive and powerful.

Projects are timeless and universal. The construction of the pyramids in Egypt, the development of modern cities, the Marshall Plan, the Apollo space programme, the creation of the European Union – all these achievements were the result of ideas being turned into reality through projects. Project-based work is the engine that generates the major accomplishments of our civilization; it has stimulated society to advance and often go beyond long-established scientific and cultural limits.

Projects change the world. Projects make impossible dreams possible.

The behavioural and social sciences endorse the idea that there are a few ways of working and collaborating that are particularly motivating and inspiring for people working on a project. These are that a project should have ambitious goals, a higher purpose and a clear deadline. You have probably noticed that what people tend to remember most clearly from their entire careers is the projects they work on – often the successful ones, but also the failed ones.

According to recent research, the number of individuals working in project-based roles will increase from 66 million (in 2017) to 88 million (forecast 2027). And the value of economic activity worldwide that is project oriented will grow from $12 trillion (in 2013) to $20 trillion (forecast 2027). Those are millions of projects requiring millions of project managers per year.

My prediction is that by 2025, regardless of the industry or sector, senior leaders and managers will spend at least 60% of their time selecting, prioritizing and driving the execution of projects. We will all become project leaders – despite never having been trained to be so!

Here are some of the areas we will cover in my course:

  • Understand how the project revolution is dramatically impacting the way organizations sell their products.
  • Learn how Philips and Nike will change the way the bring their products to market.
  • Explore a framework that can be used by anyone to succeed in projects and turn ideas into reality.
  • Learn how strategic thinking is what differentiates great leaders from good leaders.
  • Overview of some of the most relevant strategy concepts and definitions of project management.
  • Learn the most frequent challenges you may face when trying to think strategically.
  • Explore the most agile organizations that are faster to market, implement strategic thinking and good decision making.
  • Learn how to close a project, how to bring the project to an end and how to ensure that the benefits are captured.
  • And much more!

Who this course is for:

  • Curious individuals in for- and non-profit organizations who want to increase their strategic contribution and grow the success of their projects
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a simple approach to better their start-up projects success
  • Project Managers, Engineers, Strategic thinkers who desire to be a great leader!
  • Finally, this course is also appropriate for people working in any industry who want to progress in their careers

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Posted 1 year ago
I felt the course was very brief.

Should have more content and exercise to make understanding easy. Felt like reading a book on strategic thinking.

Posted 1 year ago
Excellent course, very practically and lots of insights

Very useful course, with hands-on tools and technics, easy to apply to in my work and private life. Thank you

Posted 1 year ago
The instructor has the best of knowledge.

The session was very engaging. I liked this course a lot.

Posted 1 year ago
This is a great project management and strategic planning lesson.

The ideas helped me to visualize where I am and how I may improve strategically to complete projects.

Posted 1 year ago
This was the most insightful course on the concept of strategy and the ideal way of treating projects that I have come across.

The language used was impactful and the examples used made the concepts even more sticking. Thank you to the instructor. I am definitely going to take more of his courses.

Posted 1 year ago
Leading or being part of a project shouldn't be "rocket science", but somehow it still is.

So many projects fail. Antonio explains in a good way what needs to be taken care of, the importance of making uncomfortable decisions and what to watch out for to avoid the pitfalls. Also the enclosed PDFs resources bring added value.

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