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Let “Prof. Paul” show you the Hidden Secrets of YouTube The Gurus NEVER Share! You
need Cutting-edge Tools, Tips and Strategies that REALLY get the Views & Watch Time. Much
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Old, Outdated Methods May Actually Hurt Your YouTube Channel. You need Cutting-edge
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These are The Techniques The Gurus HIDE From You!
Discover The Hidden Secrets Of YouTube …
1) How To Increase Views AND Watchtime
2) Secret Ranking Tips
3) Secret SEO Tips, Tools and Tricks
4) Secret Way To Find the BEST Keywords … FAST!
5) The RIGHT Way To SEO Your Description
6) How To Get Your First Views In Minutes!
7) The Secret of How To Go Viral on YouTube
8) The Secret Method To Getting Into Suggested Search & Get a TON of Views!
9) How To Get TONS of Views, Likes, Social Signals and Comments … In the First 48 Hours!
10) The REAL Way To Make MONEY From Your YouTube Site $$$ (HIDDEN Guru
11) … And So MUCH MORE!

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Posted 5 months ago
This course was extremely informative

This was extremely informative for a beginner (some things were a little technically over my head). I have been able to create a channel for my museum and publish a trailer and video. I didn't realize the other benefits to using YouTube. Especially the Analytics, which will be great for my reports to the board.

Posted 5 months ago
There is a lot of good content here.

They are very thorough with exploring all the features of youtube's platform in terms on what each tab does and what they show you. There are tons of great tips as well for what to do and what not to do when you are first starting out. An amazing course, recommended. 🙂

Posted 5 months ago
Truly a Masterclass!

The course greatly bolstered my understanding of starting and growing a YouTube channel. The analytics section of the course was a bit too abstract for me as explained by Ultimahub-Support. The case study Phil explained afterwards helped me understand this section a bit more. This course goes above and beyond at providing grounded examples of their teaching points.

Posted 5 months ago
Great Course

I am planning to set up a youtube channel this course gave me an overview of the information I need to know.

Posted 5 months ago
Great Course!

Sign Up for this Course Today if you wan't to grow your YouTube Channel from the ground up and learn some effective strategies along the way.

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